Luther Strings offers two flexible rental options for our musicians: Monthly Rentals and Monthly Rent-to-Owns.


    Monthly Rental:

    • Cancel at any time
    • Flexible payment plans
    • Insurance available              

    Rent to Own:

    • Full credit towards instrument swaps, upgrades and size-ups
    • Flexible payment plans
    • Unintentional damage covered by Luther Strings

    All Instrument Purchase Prices Include:





    Microfiber Cloth

    For All Customers Looking to Rent to Own or Purchase:

     Luther Strings provides a flexible free trial loan period on all of our instruments and bows. Customers are welcome to walk-in during our shop hours to test out, or request blind demonstrations of, our instruments in-store as well. Our team is here to help you choose the perfect instrument and bow.

    Short-Term Instrument Rentals

    Luther Strings offers short term rentals for any price range of instrument. Prices are based on the purchase price. See the rental prices below.

    1-7 day rental are charged a one-month fee plus Maintenance Fee

    8-30 day rental are charged a two-month fee plus Maintenance Fee

    31-90 day rental are charted a three-month fee plus Maintenance Fee

    Updated 3/28/22

    *Rates do not apply to purchase plan contracts signed before 3/28/22.
    Questions? Please call (720) 510-3184 or email us at