Luther Strings offers a wide array of adjustment and repair services including:

  • Instrument Checkups
  • Instrument Setups
  • Bow Rehairs and Repairs
  • Tonal Adjustments and String Selections
  • Instrument Repairs 
  • Custom Installations
  • Instrument Fittings
  • Insurance through Luther Strings

for Instruments of all sizes and values.


    • All Instruments and Bows that come through Luther Strings are quality checked by our real-world professional musicians, to insure that they are at the top of their performance capabilities.
    • For the duration of a repair or rehair being done, Luther Strings is able to loan out quality instruments and/or bows (of equal or above value to the one being worked on) to customers - free of charge.

Please book an appointment with one of the luthiers at our shop through or by calling 720-510-3184 for a free quote on complex instrument repairs and/or tonal adjustments.

Walk-in drop-offs and quote inquiries are welcome anytime during our open hours for bow rehairs, bow repairs and simple instrument repairs!