Our Trade-In Guarantee

Luther Strings will accept all instruments and bows previously purchased from Luther Strings for trade-in credit. These instruments and bows will be credited at 100% of the original purchase price, minus a reconditioning fee if necessary.

If the customer had purchased Insurance through Luther Strings on the Instrument or Bow in question, the following is covered by this fee:

  • Normal wear and tear such as wear to strings, fingerboard, bridge and pegs.
  • Minor scratches
  • Open seams

Whether insured or not, if the instrument or bow is in excellent sales condition, the entirety of its retail value will be credited towards a future Luther Strings Purchase.

Any moderate to major damage, such as cracks, broken edges or corners, etc., may either void the trade-in guarantee or result in a reduction of the trade-in value at the sole judgment of Luther Strings. 

Trade-in credit can be used towards any Luther Strings instrument or bow, excluding consignments.

Any promotional credit applied at time of purchase will be deducted from the total trade-in credit.


Our trade-in guarantee is non-transferable. Only the original purchaser of an instrument or bow may take advantage of our trade-in policy.

Due to a change in federal laws, we are no longer able to accept items with elephant ivory components in trade.

Non-Luther Strings Instruments

Occasionally, Luther Strings will accept instruments, bows and cases not purchased through Luther Strings for partial trade-in or consignment.

The basic requirements for these instruments and bows are:

  • Instrument, bow or case must be in excellent sales condition.
  • Instruments or bows being traded-in must have a Luther Strings standard retail value above the lowest price range Luther Strings currently carries for the size and type of that Instrument or Bow. (i.e. If one wants to trade-in or consign a full sized non-Luther Strings cello, it must have a retail value of over $2,100).
  • Instrument, bows or cases must be one-of-a-kind, or within the price range/type of which Luther Strings is low or out of stock In-Store during the time of the trade-in. (i.e. If Luther Strings is out of stock for 4/4 cellos in the $3k-$4k range In Store, we will be more likely to accept a non-Luther Strings 4/4 cello within that price range).
  • Luther Strings reserves the right to deny trade-in and consignment offers of any instruments, bows and cases purchased outside of Luther Strings.


Please inspect all purchases immediately upon receipt and contact us within 14 days if there are any issues.

Luther Strings is happy to Exchange a Luther Strings product of equal value with no extra fees at any time. We are also happy to apply full credit to all Luther Strings Upgrades or Instrument Swaps. The product being returned must include all original components, and must be in excellent retail condition.

Refunds will be issued on a case-by-case basis, at the sole discretion of Luther Strings.

Additional Notes:

Any instrument or bow purchased at Luther Strings, whether online or In-Store, comes with the same guarantees and trade-in policies. Some exclusions apply.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact us at info@lutherstrings.com or by phone at 720-510-3184.