Pirastro - Perpetual | Violin

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Perpetual Violin Strings are our #1 Recommendation at Luther Strings in terms of high end, high performance strings. The power these strings bring out in most violins is unparalleled, and they certainly live up to Pirastro's catchphrase: "I'm so happy, I can't stop playing!" 

When given the choice, our luthiers have a strong preference towards the .267mm E String and the Aluminum A String in particular.

Brand: Perpetual by Pirastro (Germany)
Size: 4/4
Winding & Core Material: 
  • E String - Platinum Plated Steel
  • A String - Aluminum/Synthetic OR Chromesteel/Steel
  • D String - Silver/Synthetic
  • G String - Silver/Synthetic
Gauge: Medium [and 26.7 Strong E String]
String End: Removable Ball for E and Steel A, Ball for Aluminum A and D, G