The Luther Strings Chamber Academy (LSCA) provides Denver-based musicians of all levels and ages the opportunity to collaborate, rehearse and perform in an environment that balances structure with flexibility, support with creativity, and technique with individualism. 

Each group meets weekly for at least 1.5 hours; 10 weeks per semester, on a schedule that works for its participants and their assigned mentors. In addition to weekly rehearsals, performance opportunities include: Studio Classes, Masterclasses, and Concerts.

Join us this fall to share the joys of making chamber music with your fellow LSCA musicians and mentors!


LSCA Fall 2022 will take place at Luther Strings, located at 2018 S Pontiac Way, Denver CO 80224. 

Groups will meet for 10 weeks, on an at least once-a-week schedule between September 13th to November 19th.


Please complete the Fall 2022 Application Form as soon as possible, to ensure your placement in a well-matched group.

Once the Application Form is received, the LSCA team will reach out to you via E-Mail with a confirmation and a link to our Payment Portal.

As soon as the Deposit ($150/participant) is secured, the LSCA Team will work to place applicants into ensembles, and contact you with more information.


Fall Tuition for the Chamber Music Academy covers 10 weeks of Rehearsals and Coachings for each ensemble from mid-September to mid-November, as well as costs for rehearsal and performance spaces, planning, sheet music and more.

Cost: $800

Several discounts are available and can be combined, if applicable:

  • Recruit Discount: If you persuade a friend or family member to attend the LSCA/LSCASI Series for the first time, you and your recruit will both receive a $50 Discount. Recruit Discounts can be stacked; for example, if you successfully recruit 4 new participants, you are eligible to receive a $200 Discount. *your recruit MUST mention your name in their Application Form!
  • LSCASI 2022 Discount: If you have attended Luther Strings Chamber Academy Summer Institute this year, you are eligible to receive a $100 Discount.
  • Pre-Formed Group Discount: If you apply as a pre-formed chamber group, each member of your group is eligible to receive a $50 Discount. *applicable only to fully pre-formed groups!