Pirastro - Evah Pirazzi | Violin

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Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings are one of our top choices when it comes to high end violin strings at Luther Strings. We especially love the power that the Stark [Strong] A String provides for most instruments, as well as the .267 Platinum E String. These strings generally work well as a set OR as a mix-and-match combination with other brands, and we recommend musicians to experiment with the tension of each string, as many violins generally tend to like a Strong Tension on the top 2 strings, a Medium Tension on the D String, and a Soft Tension on the G.

Brand: Evah Pirazzi by Pirastro (Germany)
Size: 4/4, 3/4-1/2, 1/4-1/8
Winding & Core Material: 
  • E String - Silvery Steel OR Gold Plated Steel OR Platinum Plated Steel
  • A String - Aluminum/Synthetic
  • D String - Silver/Synthetic
  • G String - Silver/Synthetic
  • C String - Tungsten Silver/Synthetic
Gauge: Soft, Medium, Strong
String End: Ball or Loop for 4/4 Steel and Gold Plated E, Removable Ball for Platinum Plated E, Ball for A, D, G, C and Fractional E